French Toast: The History of a Diner Favorite

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French Toast: The History of a Diner Favorite

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People all over the world have been enjoying French toast for centuries. We don’t know exactly where it came from, but its journey through history brought made it a staple of diner breakfasts everywhere. At Linda’s Breakfast Place, French toast is always a favorite and a great addition to any breakfast.


Let’s dig in to the history of this favorite diner breakfast food.


Ancient Origins: The Well-to-Do Save Stale Bread

We can trace the origins of French toast back to the Roman Empire, where a dish known as aliter dulcia was made by soaking stale bread in a mixture of milk, eggs, and honey. This dish was commonly consumed by the wealthy, and it was a way to use up stale bread instead of throwing it away.


The Middle Ages: Peasants Have the Same Idea

In the Middle Ages, French toast became a popular dish among the poor. Stale bread was a common ingredient in their diets, and they would soak it in a mixture of milk and eggs to make it more palatable. This is probably where it got its French name, pain perdu, which translates to “lost bread.” The dish was also popular among monks, who would make it on days when they were fasting.


The 16th Century: The French Get Involved

During the 16th century, French toast became very popular in France, which is why we still call it French toast today. The French would make it with brioche, a sweet bread made with eggs and butter, and they would serve it with sugar or jam.


The 18th Century: French Toast As We Know It Today

French toast made its way to the United States in the early 18th century, where it became a popular breakfast dish. It was often served with syrup or powdered sugar, and it was a staple in diners and restaurants across the country. Since then, French toast hasn’t changed much, save for regional variations or restaurant specialties. At Linda’s Breakfast Place, we make French toast with the classic Texas toast or Fireking cinnamon bread.


Make Linda’s Breakfast Place Your New Favorite Diner!

Whether you’re hungry for breakfast or lunch, we have something to satisfy you at Linda’s Breakfast Place! Stop in for breakfast and get yourself some French toast or have a burger at lunchtime.


We’re a step above your average diner. Visit us at 920 Lafayette Road in Seabrook to taste the difference!

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